Join Chef Babs, your Cooking-Diva in the kitchen – Cooking Class

Want to have some fun in the kitchen, while learning how to cook like a BOSS chef? Join chef Barbara, Author, Nutrition Specialist and Radio Host in the kitchen…yours or hers. Just select from our list of culinary lessons themes.  From Rustic Italian, All American Comfort, Heart-healthy treats, Spicy Caribbean to Sushi Rolling, you name it she’ll make it! Next, book your private cooking class or invite some friends over and book a cooking party from the comfort of your own kitchen or join chef Barbara in her kitchen. ONLY $49.99 per person per hour and groups of 5 or more is $45.00 per person per hour. Let’s have fun in the kitchen….“Cook your way to a better body and healthier lifestyle.


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Today’s busy work schedules and active families place a high premium on your free time. Why spend it planning meals, shopping, and cooking? Let Chef Barbara and her team take the hassle out of meal times, parties and special events, so you can enjoy the finer things in life. We are not just concerned with preparing food for you, but we know putting healthy food on your table is vital to your overall well being; after all, we are what we eat. “Health is not just the absence of sickness.”  According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being. Healthy Cooking is the steps taken to shop for foods in their natural state and those that are rich in nutrients, the use of  health promoting ingredients that are both nutritious and delicious, and the application of certain cooking techniques that optimize the nutrient content  of those foods. We create heaven on a plate, leaving you with a “Circle of Goodness”.

Media launch of Eat Good! Look Good! Feel Good! eBook in Jamaica

Chef Barbara went back to her roots(Jamaica) to launch the eBook version of her new book Eat Good! Look Good! Feel Good! The eBook launched live on TVJ Smile Jam morning show with Neville Bell. Chef Barbara dazzled viewers with a live cooking demo of the crowd pleasing appetizer from her book “Akee & Saltfish Spring Roll”. It was SIZZLING!!! in the studio with chef Barbara showing off her culinary skills with Neville in full form the atmosphere was simply DELIGHTFUL!

Then it was on to RJR – PALAV with Gerry McDaniel and the Junior Broadcasters. Chef Barbara was the featured guest on Palav for an exclusive on air interview. Chef Barbara,Gerry and the brilliant Junior Broadcasters treated listeners to an informative and entertaining afternoon. She shared story of  the earlier days in her culinary journey. She spoke passionately about her love for culinary arts, health and nutrition and what led her to write the book, Eat Good! Look Good! Feel Good! Listeners called in, text and tweeted their questions. It was a great time in studio.Eat Good! Look Good! Feel Good! is endorsed by TVJ, RJR & Caribbean Rhythms 9:00 am.


Christine Dawson:

This is the best cookbook I have ever tried- I really ate good, looked good and felt good after trying some of the recipes. The recipes were so simple, my daughter helped to make the meals. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to put a meal together. I never would have discovered some of these recipes on my own. Like everyone else I thought it was difficult to make some of these meals. Not only was the book affordable, it was worth every cent. I highly recommend it.

Vinette Lewis

I hated cooking but l love to eat great healthy dishes. Cooking was a chore for me until I met Barbara. Through Barbara, I learned how to chop onions, tomatoes, garlic and herbs and make sauces like a pro. I can now make my own herb butter logs. I prep the herbs and vegetables as soon as I bring them home from the grocery store. Thanks to Barbara, I prepare a complete and well-balanced dinner within 30 minutes.



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